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March 1, 2016

The beauty of printing a menu every day is being able to print a new menu every day. That type of fluidity allows for a constant flow of new dishes to compliment those that have solidified their place on the menu(here’s lookin’ at you, brussels sprouts)

Ideas may start in my notebook or on the white board in the kitchen, then they move to product acquisition and testing and finally on to the menu. Once a dish makes in on to the menu, it’s really up to the guest to decide if it stays there. I am constantly monitoring what dishes are selling and what dishes aren’t. Sometimes it takes time for a dish to catch on; sometimes it’s just not gonna resonate with guests no matter how good it looked in the notebook or tasted in testing.


And like that, they’re gone.



Recently, two dishes came off the Josephine menu because they just didn’t click. One was chow chow glazed chicken wings with crushed peanuts and watermelon radish and the other was a crispy potato salad with worcestershire, pickled mushrooms and celery.


It’s always a bummer to see a dish move aside for something new, but refreshing to work on a new dish that hopefully will be a hit and help make memories for guests.

The menu’s always a work in progress….never static…..always fun!

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