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A new video by Charlie Blackburn

July 5, 2015

Charlie Blackburn is an original employee of Josephine. He has been around since the beginning and is weaved in to the fabric of the Josephine family. He is currently enrolled at Middle Tennessee State University and recently asked me if he could use me was the subject of a video project for a class at school. Obviously, this was a no brainer and I think the finished product is pretty great. The video's original intent was to talk about our use of offal and some unfamiliar cuts at Josephine, however, I think you will see how the heartbeat of Josephine is and always was our people. Sure, it's a restaurant where people come to eat great food, but the restaurant business is a people business, plain and simple. We do our best every day to provide an environment where we can make great, lasting memories for our guests. I hope you enjoy the video. Charlie does such great work and we are so happy that school is going so well for him!




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