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Josephine Family Meal

February 3, 2015

Do you remember that feeling of being a kid and gathering around the table for a meal you had been smelling and anticipating all day? For me, one of those meals was a roast beef with carrots, potatoes and onions; all cooked together and presented with a rich brown gravy. The meal was important, but sitting down as a family and sharing a meal was as vital to my memory. As a kid, I'm sure the first thing I wanted to do was get up from the table and get on with whatever I had been doing prior to that meal. As an adult, I look back on those meals with a fondness that only age can refine.



In this spirit, the spirit of sharing a relaxed meal with family, we are rolling out the Josephine Family Meal. You may remember our popular fried chicken that we presented at the bar on Sundays in the summer and Fall last year. The Josephine Family Meal is an evolution and extension of that plate of chicken and ice cold beer.




Why call them Josephine Family Meal? We have decided to expand to offer a different plate of food each sunday and many of the offerings are going to be inspired by meals that remind the Josephine family of home cooked meals they have shared around their family tables.  Maybe it's hot roast beef sandwiches and fries with gravy or a great meatloaf or an amazing red sauce and fresh pasta or perhaps it's that amazing fried chicken. Each week, we'll reveal what the JFM is going to be via social media. I also think one of everyone's favorite part of a family meal is dessert, so we're putting dessert front and center. When you walk in on sunday night's you'll see the most amazing cake or pie offered very simply by the slice. Ask the bartender for a slice of cake or pie and they'll slice it and plate it for you right at the bar. I love, love, love this simplicity. Cake, plate, drink, conversation.



One important detail: the JFM is only available at the bar and only on Sundays during dinner service. I love sitting at our bar and enjoying a meal. There is something very special and restorative about taking a relaxed meal at a bar and either engaging your guests in conversation, talking with the bartender or quietly reading the newspaper over a great slice of chocolate cake with peanut butter icing or a steaming plate of slippery noodle pot pie. If you look closely, I'm certain you'll spot off duty members of the Josephine family hanging out at our bar, enjoying the JFM alongside you!


Please be sure to follow social media for the menu each sunday!


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