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Nashville is Hiring.

July 28, 2015


Not a day goes by that I don't see a great Nashville restaurant advertising for line cooks. Seriously; not a day. Nashville is hiring.


Karen and I moved to Nashville in August of 2013 after years spent working and cooking in the northeast corridor working in or around Washington, DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York and even my hometown of Hanover, PA. Before arriving in Nashville, I thought it was all cowboy boots and country music, all the time. I was wrong. When we came to visit Nashville, we found an amazing, cosmopolitan city with a food scene that was gathering a huge head of steam. Sure, we went to lower Broadway to see the neon night, but we were more captivated by the beauty of the city and how quickly the land outside of Nashville felt like central PA. I remember thinking to myself 'this could be the best of both worlds; all the advantages that a city provides AND quick access to open spaces and the advantages that they provide'.  However, what won me over was how open and supportive the chef and restaurant community was of each other. It honestly felt a little 'Stepford Wives'. Everyone seemed to know each other and had nothing but great things to say. It was eerie and strange, but in the best possible way.


Fast forward to almost August 2015. Two years seems to have passed in the blink of an eye. If it's even possible, Nashville's food scene is moving even faster than time. Great new restaurants are opening at break neck pace(although let's be honest....we could use a couple of fantastic Chinese takeout places) and the national press is taking notice. Nashville is the 'IT' city and Nashville is hiring.


With this massive expansion of restaurants comes a need for the infrastructure that keeps restaurants reaching for new heights. Nashville is hiring.


Why bother mentioning that I made the leap to come to Nashville in 2013? Simply because Nashville is looking for more people to make a similar leap. We need line cooks; people who want to come in, knock out great food, learn from some of the best chefs I've known and build a foundation for their future success with each plate that they compose. Nashville is hiring.

Why make the move? Here are a couple of things to consider:


1) Quality of life. Wanna live in a house with a yard and some grass? Nashville is hiring.


2) Cranes. If you take a look at the Nashville skyline you'll see more construction cranes than I've ever seen in one place. Those cranes mean Nashville is building. Nashville is building which means opportunity. Nashville is hiring.


3) Chefs. Nashville chefs are in their restaurants, cooking, cleaning, organizing and planning what's next. The best way to learn is to go straight ot the source. You can only do that when chefs are in the restaurant teaching and demanding that once you learn the standards you work everyday to uphold them. Nashville is hiring.


4) Critical mass. Not only are Nashville chefs in their restaurants, but there is a huge variety of cuisine and techniques to learn in Nashville's city limits. You could take a couple of years in Nashville and learn a world's worth of technique and flavor profiles and never leave the city limits. Nashville is hiring.


We are always looking for great line cooks at Josephine, but more importantly, we are looking for a great base of line cooks in Nashville. Maybe you'll want to work at Josephine and if you've got great skills and an even better attitude, I'd love to talk to you. Maybe you want to give Nashville a shot and you want to work all over town learning everything you can while working in a fantastic city; that's a pretty good idea, too.


Nashville is hiring.

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