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Before you eat.

April 13, 2012

Largely in America,  people want lots and lots of (preferably pre-cooked or processed) food for very little money. If you try to mention that people should eat less garbage and concentrate on buying foodstuffs that are raised in a proper manner, you are immediately labeled as 'elitist' or a 'snob' or 'out of touch' or whatever else is an easy label.


I simply want people to think before they buy or eat food. Take a little bit of time and research where your food comes from or buy from people who already do that work for you. I can already hear people whining and even perhaps having a temper tantrum because 'they don't have the time'. Listen, you have the time to check Facebook 3,000 times a day to see if your friend had a solid bowel movement; put your pacifier back in and cuddle your 'woobie'. You have time.


When you go to that place that is advertising a $1.50 breakfast special,  the video below shows where your 'cheap' eggs are coming from. Think about that chicken carcass while you are slurping down your 'cheap' meal.


The video below was taken at a Pennsylvania egg farm which pisses me off in a way you can't possibly imagine.  If you check out the farm's website, it will lull you into the idea that it's not a filthy factory farm(most likely because when you load the page, it moos at you. I don't know about you, but if a webpage moos at me it must be a reputable company).


Think before you eat. It doesn't make you elitist or a snob. It means you are supporting people who are doing it right. Day in, day out, you're supporting people who have high standards and are working hard to put great food on your plate. Yes, it's a little more expensive AND it's worth it. Period.


As a final aside, some of the best eggs I've ever seen in my cooking career are used at The Sheppard Mansion and are available for sale in The Carriage House Market. They are beyond compare in flavor, texture and color. The hens are happy. That should be worth every penny of their cost. I know it is to me.




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