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You gotta have heart.

May 14, 2012

Beef heart. Honestly one of my favorite pieces of the animal to cook. There isn't a whole lot of sex involved in  beef tenderloin, but heart, tongue, marrow? That's 24/7 sex appeal.


We are very lucky to be able to use Sheppard Mansion Farms highland beef. Raising an animal and taking it to slaughter presents a glorious amount of options when the meat arrives back on the property. The most obvious is that we have ALL the parts to work with and like I said, there's a lot of sex appeal in heart, tongue and marrow.


First things first; if you're not going to try heart because you're squeamish about eating a heart or a tongue, take a break from reading this post and go grow yourself a pair. Would I really serve something that wasn't delicious? You gotta trust me.


On to the dish: This dish is currently residing as a cold first course on our tasting menu. It is comprised of grilled and chilled beef heart, asparagus, Caputo Brothers mozzarella, tots and a grilled spring onion vinaigrette...a twist of cracked pepper and some peppery edible flowers and chives finish off the dish.


For the heart: We marinate it overnight in a mix of sherry vinegar, olive oil, rosemary, garlic and shallot. Once marinated, we quickly grill the outside of the heart, while keeping the inside raw. It is then removed from the grill and sliced very thin for plating. Seriously, it may be the most flavorful piece of beef you've ever eaten.......It's a really great salad....meat, crispy potato, some asparagus and the best mozzarella I've ever tasted from Caputo Brothers. You gotta try this dish......you gotta have heart.





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