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Farm to Table.

April 6, 2012

It's official. Everybody's on the band wagon. Even major chains have jumped on the 'artisanal' band wagon. Everybody who buys produce is all of a sudden Farm to Table......and I think it's bullshit.


Let me boil it down for you. If you have a farm and you have tables, you are farm to table. Period. You're not farm to table if you buy from farmers, even if they are amazing small farmers. You are a restaurant who is sourcing good stuff; which is the point anyway, right? There aren't many ACTUAL farm to table restaurants in the US. Go to Blue Hill at Stone Barns. That's one. Go to Blackberry Farms and ask for my friend Jeff in the gardens, they are certainly one.  Go have a dinner under the stars and eat some of Chris Edward's amazing food, take a trip out back and see their gardens at Patowmack Farms. THAT'S FARM TO TABLE, FOLKS. Everything else is restaurants who want to be something they aren't.


For those of us who roll up our sleeves and dig in the dirt to bring products to the back door of our restaurants, this isn't a band wagon to jump on and it's not a trend. It's a way of life.

If you don't have a farm, you're not farm to table.


I can't illustrate it much better than the photo below. My clogs and my garden boots. Happy together.




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