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Pretzel croissant

March 3, 2012

It's no secret that I like to celebrate the foods of Central PA. It's actually a mission of mine. We've got some of the greatest raw products in the US and the most amazing regional cuisine that uses those products.


Pretzels are a PA thing. Period. A good soft pretzel with a smear of cheap yellow mustard will take any son of PA instantly back to their childhood. While it is true that I can be admittedly chauvinistic with regards to PA foods, I also am willing to admit that other food cultures have some amazing stuff  goin' on, too. The croissant is one of those items. I'm not talking the shitty, pale garbage croissant that has become popular in the United States. I'm talking about a deep, dark croissant. One that's got a little shatter on the outside and is soft and amazingly buttery on the inside.


My love of a great croissant and my love of central PA foods led to this discovery: The pretzel croissant. It is crispy on the outside, slightly yeasty and caramelized, salty and has the most amazingly buttery interior that can only be attained by charring your own butter from local cream.


One more thing: Don't bother asking for the recipe. You don't have time to make these beauties. Simply pull into the Carriage House Market on saturday mornings and pick up a couple or 12. A word to the wise: Come early or they will be gone. Honestly, they should have their own fan club!




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